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Jan 26 2014

Dear you

Note: I wrote all of this while spending Thanksgiving with my family and saved it as a draft, to finish at a later date. Clearly I forgot about it, till now.
At the time I found my student’s concern endearing and adorable. Of course I was coming back to them. On December 23rd I lost my job and was asked not to tell my students. I left and I didn’t come back, and I’m still having trouble forgiving myself. 
November 28th: I found a note in my phone that I must have written when I was half asleep but thought I was saying something profound.
Dear You, 
Have you ever considered the brilliance you carry with you and pass on to others? There’s a light there, that makes you happy, and makes you keep going. It’s the passion that holds you together on your weakest days and hardest nights. There’s something to be…

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Nov 08 2013


A child threw a block at my head and then kissed me on the mouth. I’m pretty sure this is how abusive relationships (and the flu) start. So I’ve started an abusive relationship with a 4 year old.   My social life is clearly not improving.

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Oct 09 2013


Click this link Click play “…so tell me place doesn’t matter, that the neighborhoods that are predominantly healthy aren’t the same ones that are predominantly wealthy. Because when you’re not choosing between buying your medicine and your groceries, health doesn’t have to be a luxury, doesn’t have to be an abstract concept presented in academic…

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Sep 11 2013


Last year my school lost their funding from CPS, which means we’re scrambling to operate with about $145K less in our budgets this year than last year. It means, if it wasn’t for TFA, I wouldn’t be getting paid till the end of October. So I called my MTLD and my placement director and it…

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Jul 14 2013


  I have so much to say and so little time. I just got back from Michigan, which was a truly tranformational experience and I’m about to head to Israel which I’m sure will be nothing less than amazing. Because I can’t really explain everything right now as I have graduate work due, and laundry…

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Apr 30 2013


Where have I been? Nowhere new.  I have so many mini stories, heartbreaking stories, funny stories about the things kids say and the way they think and I honestly wish I had been keeping up with this blog so I could share them with all of you, instead of just my parents..though sometimes I’m pretty…

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Jan 01 2013

Thank you

I’m from a small county in Virginia and that’s where I went for the holidays this year. Despite it’s size, it’s one of the wealthiest counties for it’s size in the nation and the public schools are amazing. I think I’ve mentioned before how lucky I am to have lived where I lived, and attended…

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Nov 28 2012

Look me in the eye

I’ve been ignoring this blog for awhile, for no other reason than I’ve been up to my eyeballs in red tape and assessments and long-term plans, short term plans, visions, and observations. Is that a good enough excuse? Anyways, I’m not doing well, in fact I’m doing pretty shitty. I’m  sure sometimes everyone feels like…

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Sep 16 2012


I’m having trouble motivating my kids. I’m getting so exhausted repeating myself all the time. Repeating instructions, repeating rules, repeating expectations and constantly expecting a different result…isn’t that the definition of insanity?   I guess it’s only the 2nd week…

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Sep 07 2012

First, second day

So I got a job, finally. And it’s a job that isn’t affected by the teacher’s strike which will start on Monday. I’m teaching 10 (though I have yet to have all 10 show up for school) 3-5 year olds in a community based organization (CBO) for half day pre-k. They’re pretty adorable kids and…

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