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Jun 29 2012

In case you’re curious…

SnowyDayComprehension   Take a look at this if you’re wondering how much prep work it takes to read a story to kids.

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Jun 29 2012

I lost my voice

You know, because I wash my hands 6x more a day, I have gotten sick. That’s logical, right? Not. I get it, children have a million new germs on them that I’m not exposed to and now that I’ve been exposed to them, they’ve infected me and brought me into their germy little world. It’s…

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Jun 28 2012


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Jun 24 2012

Weekly update

I spent most of my weekend sleeping which was fantastic, but I really gotta start putting myself out there more so I can a. make friends and b. find a place to live. My bed is just so tempting though…   Anways here are something I did last week to prepare for tomorrow (dun dun…)…

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Jun 22 2012

Dear Family,

Thanks for all of your support and lovely emails! I know you’re excited that I’m blogging and you don’t have to text me like crazy about how everything is going but please utilize the comment buttons at the bottom of the post. I literally get 25 emails a day from TFA while I’m in lessons…

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Day #3 and it’s been a complete whirlwind everyday with all the new stuff we’re learning and information they’re packing into our brains. I basically get up at 6:30 every morning, go to lessons at 7:30, and work through lunch until 5 when lessons are over. Then I run to the caf and get food…

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Jun 17 2012

Induction vs. Institute

Let’s begin.

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Jun 17 2012

Pardon the mess…[virtual construction]

I’m having some issues about how to work this blogging interface. So, pardon the mess or if the posts show up without punctuation but I’m still trying to figure out how this works. I’m slightly irritated that doesn’t let me use my own theme and I have to use their’s. It’s not very creative…

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Jun 17 2012

The Basics

Hi family, I know you’re eagerly reading this to find out more about what I’m doing in Chicago

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