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Jun 17 2012

Induction vs. Institute

Let’s begin.

So there’s a difference between induction and institute. Induction is where all the teachers from just your corps get together and hang out in their designated city while they complete community service projects and get to know each other and the communities they might be teaching in. Institute is the 5 week learning and training sessions that come after and happen in a city that is not necessarily the city you will be teaching in and involves your corps plus probably 4 other corps from around the country.

So for me, my induction was in Chicago and lasted 3 days (Wednesday to Friday). It was jam packed with early mornings, late evenings, acronyms, community service projects, name tags, and interviews. Because I’ve been placed as an ECE (Early Childhood Education, get used to the acronyms) and the Chicago ECE programs don’t finish up till the end of June, I’m not expected to get interviewed and then placed in my permanent school until probably July, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

Institute starts tomorrow and is also in Chicago, thank god. We (Chicago Corps) got lucky, because Jacksonville, Seattle, Twin Cities, and some other corps had to travel from their respective locations after they finished induction to get here and check-in bright and early for institute. That’s way too much moving for me.

Now that I’m all checked in I’m just going through the mountains of paperwork they’ve given us and figuring out what the hell is going on. By the by, you know that little thing called “deforestation”? Yeah, TFA is definitely perpetuating that problem. I have accumulated about two oak tree saplings worth of paper since arriving here. And they don’t seem to be big on the recycling either…well this is awkward.


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