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Jun 24 2012

Weekly update

I spent most of my weekend sleeping which was fantastic, but I really gotta start putting myself out there more so I can a. make friends and b. find a place to live. My bed is just so tempting though…


Anways here are something I did last week to prepare for tomorrow (dun dun…) THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

1. On Thursday, I went to a meeting for the Chicago Corps members who have yet to be hired. Most of us probably walked in to that meeting feeling pretty lame, because everyone thinks they’re the only one left to get hired in a sea of 300-something people. In actuality there are 88 of us who are yet to be hired and 217 who have been hired. Pretty good for the first week of institute, shout out to TFA for impressively getting so many people hired in so little time. The concerning thing about those stats is that the numbers total 305 and on Monday we had 315. So that means 10 people had dropped out of institute since Monday.

I guess when they joined they didn’t realize how much group work and time management this would entail. Working with your collab, as they say, is like getting married. And the more I work with mine the more true I realize it is. I eat with them, chat with them, work with them, and if they were to leave me I’d be fucked. Not only would I have to take on more work by myself but I’d be devastated doing so (I’m assuming like a divorce?). Since tomorrow is actually the first day of school where we’ll be meeting our kids, I’m anticipating a mass exodus of corps members who just can’t deal with the pressure.

Fortunately ECE seems to be mostly exempt from this issue. While everyone is freaking out and not getting along with their collabs, ECE corp seems to all like each other a lot and we have fun in most of our activities. At the end of the week the ECE CMAs (corp member advisors) created a youtube video filled with funny advice to celebrate us getting through the week. It was nice to come back to after my mandatory drug test (ugh!). So fingers crossed, if we do lose more members of our corps tomorrow, ECE manages to stay intact and keep working hard.

2. I emailed the two people I used as references on my TFA application and talked to them about how my first week was going. I honestly feel that without these two I wouldn’t have gotten in to TFA because they wrote me the best recommendations and helped me through every step of the application process with encouragement and enthusiasm. I wanted to make sure they knew that as tough as it is being here, I appreciate and am so thankful for everything they did to help me up until this point.

3. I found out this week that not just my parents read this blog. And that stuff I’m writing might actually get read and motivate change within TFA. I love this program, but I know it’s not perfect. Being a part of the ECE Pilot program makes me so proud that I can be a part of changing TFA for the better and I want to help continue the process. I’m sure at times I’ll be frustrated and I’ll vent, but all in all, if I didn’t want to be here, I wouldn’t be.

4. I think I might be getting sick. Must. Drink. Orange. Juice.



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