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Sep 07 2012

First, second day

So I got a job, finally. And it’s a job that isn’t affected by the teacher’s strike which will start on Monday. I’m teaching 10 (though I have yet to have all 10 show up for school) 3-5 year olds in a community based organization (CBO) for half day pre-k. They’re pretty adorable kids and I wish I could put up pictures of them, but for obvious privacy reasons, I won’t.

Ava and I spent three days here setting up the classroom before Labor Day weekend, and I still have tons of work to do. My room is pretty small, which is fine because I don’t have many kids, but I need more room for tables and chairs where the kids can spread out to do activities. Right now a ton of Creative Curriculum stuff is taking up space on one of my tables while I sort through it and figure out what I want to use. Ava made my bulletin boards really pretty with borders and backgrounds but there’s nothing really posted on them as of yet. There’s a place nearby that offers tons of free resources and services to ECE teachers, one of which is free laminating, which I want to go take advantage of some evening. When you teach Pre-K, I’ve learned, you really need to laminate everything or it will get ripped, colored on, or torn down within minutes. I also have bee hives (for the busy bee class) that I want to laminate and use as signs for the centers, although, my kids only like to play with blocks and dramatic play.

The first day I think was really only nerve-wracking for me. Most of my kids have a. been attending this school for a year, and b. were attending summer camp at this school the previous week. So I don’t think many of them understood why I kept making a big deal about the 1st day of school. Anways, we sat on the carpet and they watched me act like a nervous wreck while everything I had planned for that morning flew out of my head. Then they went to centers, went outside, went to lunch and went home. And that was it. I realized all of a sudden how short a half day pre-k class was going to be and I started to change my plans for the next day.

So the second day I managed to get slightly more learning in to the mix. We read a book (“Wemberly Worred”) and then drew pictures of things that scared us or made us worried. Things were going well until one of my students, who I think is new to the concept of school, started throwing a fit because he didn’t understand why we couldn’t play all the time. I feel like we’ll be dealing with this issue for awhile.

I’ll keep you updated!

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