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Jul 02 2014

And now I’m going to make a plug for Class Dojo

My second day was a complete turnaround from my first day. But it didn’t start that way.

I woke up at 5:00 am (breakfast is at 5:30) and said to myself “This is not ok.” It got worse when I got to breakfast and found out my American co-teacher had thrown up that morning and was feeling awful. The natural progression of things would dictate that next I would find out that not only was my co-teacher sick, but so were 5 other people from our group. That is exactly what happened. Like throw up, fever, light-headed sick. Like can’t teach today sick. Like HOLY FUCK IM GOING TO TEACH THESE MONKEY CHILDREN WITHOUT THE SUPPORTIVE LOOKS AND TACTICS OF MY AMERICAN CO-TEACHER. But she was sick and I didn’t want her to feel like shit at school, especially if the day we had before was any indication of the day we were about to have today.

So I turned to Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is a behavior management tool for teachers to use in the classroom. It works best if you can display it on a smart board, or using a projector. It assigns all the students in the class a “monster” and then the teacher can assign them points based on positive behaviors, or take away points based on behaviors that “need work.” Here are some screenshots:

Come back to find the screenshots…for some reason they have not yet posted….

My kids loved it. They ate up the idea of having their own monster who earned points and they didn’t even know what the reward was for accumulating points (for 100% positive behaviors they get a “Good Work Award”, a sticker, or some candy, it varies on a day to day basis.) I saw more class unity, participation and hard working students than I thought possible after witnessing their shenanigans on the first day. It was fantastic, and really helped me gain a positive outlook for the rest of my first week.

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